While investigating the Virginia Gaskell matter, journalist Ed Champion meets an enigmatic woman on a spiritual journey who may contain the answers for his own shaky relationship to love, dreams, and New York City. The two dodge belligerent subway preachers and unanticipated demons while ruminating upon daily wonders that are taken for granted. (Running time: 40 minutes, 51 seconds.)

Written and directed by Edward Champion


Ed Champion:  Edward Champion
Lucinda:  Emily Carding
Maya:  Tanja Milojevic
Sujata:  Illumanisum River
Jenna: Devony DiMattia
Street Vendor:  Patryk Sokol
Demon #1:  Pete Lutz
Demon #2: Leanne Troutman
Date #1:  Nicholas Boesel
Date #2:  Michael Saldate
Date #3:  Mark Stano
The Guard: Graham Rowat
Subway Preacher: Albert Hastler

Associate Producers: Morgan Corcoran and John Osborne

Sound design, editing, engineering, and mastering by a bald man in Brooklyn who makes a mean frittata on Sunday morning.

Music licensed through Neosounds

Photo licensed through Getty

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Behind the Scenes:

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Today, the incredibly talented @emilycarding returned to New York and we recorded a new story in which I also had to act opposite her as the "Ed Champion" character! Which was quite the challenge. Because Emily is, as always, amazing and I am merely a thespic schlub with perhaps a handful of tricks. Still, you don't phone it in when you're working with the likes of Emily, who also has a truly awesome and unique Hamlet show I saw last night (and which I urge you to see!). (Indeed, Emily cracked me up with her American accent, which has seriously improved now that she's observing New Yorkers in our native habitat!) We were plagued by a number of crazy sounds that extended the session, but Emily delivered a hell of a performance despite being a bit knackered. I can't reveal much about this story, but apparently it was the type of role that Emily doesn't often play. And while we had some time constraints, I tried to throw as many light notes as I could to get the best out of Emily (although I didn't have to do much!). I am especially fond of one whispering scene we did. I am grateful beyond belief to have people like Emily on this project and I will continue to write choice roles for her so long as I'm alive and kicking! That is a promise!'Thanks so much Emily! #acting #hamlet #actor #audiodrama #shakespeare #character #production

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