Pete Lutz

Demon #2

Pete Lutz is a nut for radio, Old-Time and otherwise. His dream since boyhood was to be a radio voice, as his face has a tendency to frighten children and old ladies. He came late to the podcasting table but has been trying to make up for it ever since, with nearly 3-1/2 seasons of his award-winning Audio Drama anthology series, “Pulp-Pourri Theatre”, plus newly launched Western serial “Jake Dimes, Range Detective” and his voice-actor-interview show, “Save the Last Word for Me”. He is the founder of The Narada Radio Company, a troupe of voice actors based in Corpus Christi, Texas, but with auxiliary members in various locations throughout the US, plus Canada, Australia and the UK. His work has been recognized by the Mark Time Awards, the Audio Verse Awards and the Marian Thauer Brown Audio Drama Scriptwriting Awards. When not producing his episodes he’s probably writing scripts or scribbling notes down for future ones on old gum wrappers. As a voice actor, he has appeared in many (but not all) of his own productions, and has lent his vocal talents to many other works, including this one, and those of Misfits Audio, LEAP Audio, Electric Vicuna Productions, Dan Shaurette Productions, Dream Realms Productions, Audioblivious Productions, 11th Hour Audio, CP Studios, Pendant Productions, BrokenSea Audio, 4077th/All-Better Audio, Viktor Aurelius Productions, World’s Greatest Adventurer Productions, Final Rune Productions, Small Town Horror, arsPARADOXICA, Koach Studios, Subject: Found, Glenn Hascall productions, An Englishman Out of State, and others. He lives in Texas with his family; he is a retired Navy veteran and works as a civil servant, and has a part-time gig as a morning weather reporter for a local radio station.

Episodes: Prologue