Sarah Golding

The Vengeful Field Hand

Sarah Golding just wants to act…and auditions for everything. (MOOOOOORE!) She’s lucky enough to have been cast in a variety of fun AD roles with numerous accents including (amongst others and cameos galore) Lizzie in Wynabego Warrior, Pixel Flowers in Video Games World News Tonight, Mom in Kill the Boy and The Kruhadell in Shadow of Lavenhan with Audioblivious, Drunk Helen in A Scottish Podcast with Yap Audio, Nancy in Season 1 and Pam in Subject Found Season 2 with Fatecrafters Network, Corra in You are here with Rogue Corp Productions, Vadoma in Otherwordlies with Aural Sound Studios, Rosemary in The Box Season 2, Olga in Roswell BC with Ariel in The Fall and Alia in Ancestry with Koach Studios, numerous roles on Liberty:Critical research and Grim in Pendant Seminar 75…otherwise she teaches, writes, directs, produces and does community theatre just for fun….co-hosts the great fun Audio Drama Production Podcast and consistently enjoys the fun of mumdom and wifing.